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Grateful for all these wonderful testimonies

Cindy, NSW

I just wanted to say “thankyou” for the session and all that you did for me Kerri. The immediate change in my health has turned my life around going from several operations to getting clearance from my specialist that i dont need any more surgery is the best news ive had in years . Not sure if it was the sound therapy or your intuition and knowledge on clearing the blocks i had developed either way your gift of healing is truly amazing .
I recommend anyone to book a session with Kerri and to take comfort in knowing you are in good hands it really is a wonderful journey with Kerri to live a happier healthy life .
Thanks again Kerri

Amy, Sydney

I’ve been working with Kerri for a year now and it’s done wonders for me! She’s helped me work through so much negativity in my life, I’ll be forever grateful. I just LOVE the sound & vibrations therapy she is doing now. It transports me to my happy place where I can rejuvenate and welcome in peacefulness and beautiful energy. Highly recommended!

Todd, NSW

Kerri, I’d just like to say a huge “Thank-you” and give some feedback concerning the Balancing session you did on me . As you remember I was an emotional wreck, with a marriage separation and a terminally ill friend. I initially was slightly sceptical at how some small pushing down of my arm and rubbing certain points on my body was going to make any difference. When I left I didn’t feel a great deal of difference. Over the next few days I was ever more emotional than ever, You explained to me we had shifted some powerful emotions and it would take a while to settle. Then by about the third day, it was like a huge black cloud was removed and I started to see things how they really were and I was so settled .In the two weeks since I have only got more and more settled and been able to clearly deal with the emotions that had me all out of shape. I can’t thank -you enough again for how I now feel compared to before seeing you. Thanks

Blazenka, Sydney

I’ve been having on and off issues with my neck since I was 21 years of age (I’m now 46). Back in June I’d been seeing an Osteopath, which initially helped, but a week after the treatment, my neck would hurt again. I was about to go overseas and in the past when on holiday’s my neck gets worse due to the different pillows and beds. I’d gone to Kerri for a kinesiology treatment. After one session, the pain had disappeared. Even when I was away overseas I had absolutely no issues with my neck, which was brilliant to enjoy my 3 week vacation. Kerri is an amazing kinesiologist and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Kerri.

Rhonda, NSW

Last night my beautiful friend Kerri from Amorah Kinesiology came to visit me with a bottle of her special blend of ‘Goddes…s 33′ (Mary Magdalene) – as she knows I’m working on healing an issue concerning a certain someone in my life, and I had a bath with this oil afterwards – had the best sleep I’ve had in some time. It is stressful on the mind, body and spirit, healing but is much easier when you have support of natural products including crystals and sound healing and good food, rest and oils. As you all know, essential oils are made from flowers and herbs so their energies are alive in the oil. If you are looking for oil blends for anything in your life, do yourself a favor and go to her Facebook page, she is a healer and heart focused on touching all with her light via her hands and with her oils. Thank you Kerri! ♥ ♥ ♥

Chrystalla, NSW

We have being seeing Kerri for a couple of years now for my son and daughter She is able to get to the core of the issues and clear them.

My son who is 9 suffers from anxiety, certain things would bother him such as his sister annoying him, a child in his class getting into trouble by the teacher or just general pressure from school.

Additionally My sons school work was suffering from not being able to absorb and remember what was taught in class.

Kerri is able to identify which foods he is lacking in his diet and has recommended us vitamin supplements which have helped immensely. His grades have improved and so has his self-esteem.

My daughter who is 7 was afraid to sleep on her own as she was scared of some pink faced man. Kerri’s magical dream spray has helped her through the nights.

Both my children use Kerri’s goddess 33 products. Kerri suggested the goddess which suites each one if them. They put a few oil drops on their tummies and say out loud the affirmation, my sons is “I am a powerful warrior, I am fearless ” my daughters is “I am loved and protected at all times” and she adds in “and I am fearless”

Adelie, NSW

I would like to highly recommend Amorah Kinesiology services. From the age of 17, I suffered severe Sciatica episodes that would leave me crippled and unable to walk for up to two weeks at a time. Since seeing Kerri, I have not had a single episode which is absolutely amazing.

Kyra, NSW

Kinesiology Review: I felt a sense of peace and clarity after Kerri’s kinesiology session. She has a very gentle, interactive and highly effective technique – I definitely walked away and felt better for it.

Jodie, Sydney

I have been going to see Kerri for kinesiology for a year and a half. Kerri is such a gifted Kinesiologist. She is knowledgeable in so many different health areas and she has helped me not only with my physical health but also with emotional and spiritual issues. Kerri is such a warm, kind person who you feel relaxed and safe with straight away. I truly feel blessed to be able to go and see her and would recommend her to anybody.

Mark, Tauranga NZ

Seeing Kerri really helped me to begin the process of bringing balance and positivity back into my life. Kerri is so easy to talk to and what she discovered about what was going on with me was truly accurate and remarkable.

Julia, Sydney

Thanks Kerri for the session today – it was very powerful. I am already feeling the difference having had those old distressing emotions diffused with the kinesiology, and the sound balance at the end was amazing! When I left I felt so much lighter in myself, positive and very relaxed. I just love your sprays and oils which I can feel are helping with the changes and smell so delicious. Your work is really helping make the changes I need.

Marilyn, NSW

Kerri your wonderful Goddess 33 oil works so well – I chose Dana because of my Dana but it has a fantastic energizing power to get me through the day. Sometimes when I’m feeling slow or low I rub the oil on the breast bone, say my affirmation and bingo before I know it I am powering along. At the end of a busy day after a few top ups I think how magic these little drops of Dana oil are – so thank you = I want to try more.. Keep up the great work.

Jodie, Sydney

Goddess 33 Oils are both gentle and powerful. I experienced profound changes using them. They work with you energetically and each bottle lasts a long time, even using three times a day! Soon the scent reminds you of the affirmation and it has a way of reaching really deeply inside of you. The fact that they each smell so beautiful make then a real act of self- love to use. I started with Quan Yin, I now have Kali and Isis. I want to always be using them.

Dyan, NSW

I have received my oil in good condition yesterday.
Starting today with a couple of dabs feeling calm & has cleared my head.
Love the ylang ylang love the mixture.

Kyra, NSW

Butterfly Maiden Oil Review: The Butterfly Maiden Oil not only smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling soft & nourished, it greatly helped with my nausea throughout periods where I experienced morning sickness. I also apply it on my temples when I have the starting of a headache which eases the pain.

Sandi, Auckland NZ

I’ve recently begun using the Damara oil from the Goddess 33 range and found the blend to be perfectly balanced. It is only early days and I use this oil at night before I go to sleep, the affirmation is on the side of the bottle which is a great idea. I find that this particular blend of oil helps me to relax and have a great sleep.

Jodie, Sydney

I love Kerri’s oils. I’m on my fourth different bottle and they aren’t just beautiful smelling concoctions. They are healing oils made by a very gifted lady.

Sara, QLD

These are the most amazing oils I have ever owned, healing while smelling amazing. I want to bath every night, just so I can use them Thank you so much for the fast postage also.

Julia, Sydney

Kerri, I just had to drop you a line to let you know how much I love your Freya oil. As we both know there are no “accidents”. When I first opened the bottle I didn’t notice there wasn’t a stopper in the top and so ended up with a pile of Freya all over me! I rubbed it into my skin and instantly felt my vibration shift to that of the oil. The next day I woke up and was so decisive and it was so easy to set boundaries where I had been feeling challenged. Obviously I needed a good dose of Freya and it worked a treat. Thanks so much, I love it!

Julia, Sydney

Kerri, I just had to drop you a line to let you know how much I love your Freya oil. As we both know there are no “accidents”. When I first opened the bottle I didn’t notice there wasn’t a stopper in the top and so ended up with a pile of Freya all over me! I rubbed it into my skin and instantly felt my vibration shift to that of the oil. The next day I woke up and was so decisive and it was so easy to set boundaries where I had been feeling challenged. Obviously I needed a good dose of Freya and it worked a treat. Thanks so much, I love it!

Bianca, Sydney

Wow thank goodness for Kerri! My session with her left me better than I’ve felt in a long time, and was emotionally healing in ways I’d never thought to imagine, giving me a new spring in my step. Definitely 10/10 would recommend.

Todd, QLD

Just a bit of feedback on last Saturday’s kinesiology & sound balance treatment.
As you know I came to you about 18mths ago after seperating from a 20yr marriage and with a close friend dying. Not in a good space. You helped me enormously. I came back to see you in a pretty good place. I had been to other Kinesiologist’s closer to home & they didn’t give me the results that I had when I saw you for our first session.. My first session with you was life changing & again, I was very impressed and feel a step change in my happiness after visiting you. Not sure if it was the kinesiology/sound therapy or just your intuitive grasp for what was holding me back or the combination of both, but it worked, either way. Very grateful and wish you were closer…
I definitely recommend you to anyone.
Thanks again..

Karen, VIC

Kerri, my oils arrived yesterday and the stuff I cleared out using Goddess Kali and following it up with Mother Mary was MIRACULOUS! Kerri, these are the MOST phenomenal oils I’ve EVER worked with! SO, SO, SO looking forward to working with these with clients! I can not speak more highly of these! Another fascinating aspect. I really struggled with even smelling Sulis before my clearing bath. I wore the two aforementioned oils in and after the bath, I was able to embrace Sulis and it smelt completely different! Yesterday was like a power packed, personal self-kinesiology day!
Truly truly phenomenal Kerri. Xo

Roy, Sydney

Really uplifting experience. Felt very relaxed and light afterwards. Would highly recommend 🙂

Bianca, NSW

Kerri’s energy healing practice is truely transformational in a positive way. Highly recommend her services- she is the real deal!

Adam, Sydney

I purchased some Goddess 33 oils from Kerri and I was very happy with my purchase. Kerri is extremely knowledgeable and was able to suggest products for me that would help to achieve my desired outcomes. At the time I was undertaking a significant amount of international travel and was not dealing well with the jet lag. Kerri took the time to get to know me as an individual and understand what I needed and what products would produce the best results. I would highly recommend consulting Kerri for any aroma therapy or other natural therapies. She will help guide you to the right selection for you as an individual.

Peter, NSW

I want to thank you Kerri for helping see some honest truths within myself and releasing unwanted negative energy. Your sound bed is remarkable in the way it transformed my energy. I have a very long road ahead of me. Kerri with her knowledge and oils and sound bed will be a huge part of that journey.
thank you sincerely

Gracielle, Sydney

Kerri is a fantastic healer and a one stop shop helping clients to you uncover the root cause of their issues and how to clear them. I always feel uplifted after having a session with her and love the insights I gain in every session. Thank you for your support and dedication Kerri!

Heart Centered, Sydney

Genuine person and healer, is very perceptive and asks the right questions to access the issues that can be difficult to talk about in such a way that you know you are in good hands. Kerri is very skilled and passionate about her work and you will know during and after the session just how gifted she is.

Tammy, Sydney

Authentic healers like Kerri are not always easy to find. I just love it when I’m working with her on my own inner balance & healing, as she comes from a place of deep love wisdom and professionalism. My favourite “take home” product is the range of her Goddess33 oils and mists which I keep everywhere (car office home bathroom bedside) to give myself a quick powerful vibrational pick me up… I’ve already tried 4 out of her 33 oil mixes and plan to slowly buy the full range.

Bianca, NSW

Going to Kerri, it was a beautiful soul lifting experience 🙂

Izzy, Sydney

I have been visiting Kerri’s studio for just under 2 years. I had no idea about the science behind Kinesiology and how I would benefit from it.

Kerri has been great in helping me with a few issues in different fields of my life. I thought I would be stuck with some of them forever as the impression I had, was “this is the way it is and this will never change”. I was just wrong; I just had no idea how to shift things around with proper guidance.

I have learnt so much with Kerri in this last couple of years. Her applied techniques and guidance helped me to approach every problem I brought and I could experience changes and positive results.

My last visit for example, I mentioned to Kerri that I needed to find a way of making extra income to relieve some debts. After our usual session, Kerri also recommended me one of her beautiful oils to use together with the lessons and techniques I previously learned to approach an issue. In no time I was surprised that out of nowhere I was approached by someone I did not know wanting some translation work. I honestly didn’t think the money would come through this area as I have been very inactive in doing translations for the past 3 years.

It is so good to walk into Kerri’s studio and leave with the perspective that whatever issue I am facing, it is only temporary and I can change that if I want. Love and light to you Kerri! You have really helped me to achieve some significant positive results even for some of my most difficult issues I saw no hope in shifting. Thank you!

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